Stem cells obtained from umbilical cord donations are used for treating many serious medical conditions including knee, hip and shoulder regeneration to avoid surgery, as well as thinning hair and sexual dysfunction. Dr. Chad Young at Young Health USA in Mayfield, Kentucky, is a skilled chiropractor who often recommends his patients try stem cell therapy as a natural remedy for knee, hip and shoulder regeneration to avoid surgery, as well as thinning hair and sexual dysfunction. Give Young Health USA a call today, or make your appointment using their online scheduling service.

Stem Cell Therapy Q & A

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What are stem cells?

Stem cells are essentially generic (undifferentiated) cells that can divide and grow into specialized (differentiated) cell types. There are different types of stem cells that occur naturally in your body. The stem cells used at Young Health USA come from donated umbilical cord tissue. These cells function like blank slates that can develop into various cell types that regenerate and repair organ, muscle, skin, bone, and cartilage tissue.

How long has stem cell therapy been in use?

Bone marrow transplants containing somatic stem cells were first used in 1968 as treatment for certain blood cancers and immune disorders. More recent advances in medical research and technology have turned the focus to treating these same blood-based diseases with stem cells found in umbilical cord tissue — and with positive results. Doctors have since used umbilical stem cell therapy to treat degenerative joint disease, osteoporosis, and other debilitating conditions.

How do you get umbilical stem cells?

Umbilical stem cells are obtained from donated umbilical cord tissue that is otherwise discarded as biological waste after birth. The baby is unharmed during the process. Mom’s health and the donated cord tissue are carefully screened for potential medical concerns before the umbilical cord tissue is frozen and stored for future use.

How does umbilical stem cell therapy help with hair loss?

Hair loss is often related to decreased blood supply and damage to the hair follicles which eventually leads to a dormant state. This decline in blood flow can come from the natural aging process, genetic factors, or autoimmune disorders.

Through an intricate process, it’s believed that stem cell therapy triggers revascularization of the blood vessels feeding the hair follicles and creates new hair follicle cells, which leads to improved hair volume.*

How does umbilical stem cell therapy help with sexual dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is often caused by reduced blood flow to the penis and other physiologic functions necessary for an adequate erection. Stem cell therapy can trigger repair and rebuilding of the cells and tissues involved in achieving and sustaining an erection.*

Is stem cell treatment safe?

Considered by many as the “next frontier” in medicine, stem cell therapy does its work without the negative effects that many “natural substances” used in restorative treatments — such as growth hormones — can have on your body. Dr. Young uses the highest quality umbilical stem cell products available, which are retrieved and administered via medically-approved, sterile conditions.

*Individual results may vary.

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