Continued advances in medical knowledge and technology make stem cell therapy an effective treatment alternative for many medical issues, including erectile dysfunction (ED). Dr. Chad Young at Young Health USA recommends this innovative approach to his patients because it’s an all-natural solution for repairing tissue damage that’s often linked to ED. For ED treatment that works, make an appointment today with Dr. Young in Mayfield, Kentucky. Call the office or try using their convenient online service to schedule your visit.

Sexual Dysfunction Q & A

Young Health USA

What causes erectile dysfunction?

A wide variety of physical issues can cause erectile dysfunction (ED). Your ability to achieve and sustain an adequate erection relies on an intricate balance of hormones, blood flow, neurological functions, and cooperation from specific structures within the male reproduction system.

Stress, the flu, and other health issues can temporarily upset this delicate balance. However, many medical conditions, such as heart disease and diabetes, can create circulatory conditions, nerve dysfunction, and other physical impairments that consistently interfere with your body’s ability to achieve an erection.

While rarely the primary reason for ED, psychological components also factor into the male erection. Inexperience and performance anxiety may result in ED. More often, however, issues with self-esteem, lack of confidence, depression, and other emotional concerns are the result of ED, rather than the cause.

How does stem cell therapy help with ED?

Stem cells are your body’s own natural repair system. They are capable of dividing and generating new cells that rebuild and restore damaged tissue. Stem cells often operate or specialize in certain niches within your body. For instance, stem cells in your bone marrow, gut, and skin divide regularly to make new cells for the organs they inhabit.

Those in your skin system, for example, are part of the process that heals a cut on your finger. Other stem cells, such as those found in your heart and pancreas tissue, are much less actively involved in the routine maintenance of tissue health.

Stem cells obtained from donated umbilical cord tissue are the active type, and also multipotent, meaning they’re not restricted to one system and are instead capable of dividing and forming many different cell types to naturally repair and rebuild damaged tissue. When used for ED, they may help restore adequate blood flow and other functions required for a satisfactory erection.

Where do you get umbilical stem cells?

Umbilical cord stem cells come from tissue that’s normally destroyed as biological waste following the “cutting of the cord” after birth. Mom signs consent for the donation well before labor and delivery and undergoes testing to ensure her good health. The material is processed in a lab and preserved (frozen) in liquid nitrogen until ready for use.

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