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No Matter What Your Ailment Seek Chiropractic Care at Young Health USA

If you have been injured in an accident or are suffering from joint or muscle pain, one of the best and least invasive treatments available is chiropractic care. It can help with muscle rehab, spinal decompression, joint pain, whiplash, and a whole-body care. Dr. Chad Young and his team at Young Health USA in Mayfield will help relieve your pain. We are committed to treating your back and neck pain, headaches, muscle, joint pain, and the underlying causes of them. Before beginning treatment, Dr. Young will evaluate your overall health and explain how chiropractic care can help with your current health conditions.

Chiropractic Care

We offer chiropractic treatment using both the Palmer technique and the Activator technique. These treatments involve the spinal manipulation that chiropractors are best known for. The Palmer technique involves manual manipulation, while the Activator technique utilizes a specially designed instrument for adjusting the smaller vertebrae of the upper spine. Spinal manipulation using these techniques has been proven to relieve lower back pain. At your consultation, our chiropractors will determine which technique or blend of techniques will best treat your condition. 

Other Services

We offer much more than leading chiropractic care at our practice. We also offer laser therapy which can reduce inflammation and speed up the healing process. You can receive sports massage therapy at our practice which can also reduce inflammation. Regenerative medicine can effectively speed up the healing process for a variety of different injuries. Our team will help you determine which of these services is best for your condition at your first consultation. We also help with treating conditions like:

  • Sciatica – This can include tingling sensations in the lower back to more serious pain that travels from the lower back all the way to the legs and foot.
  • Back and neck pain - This is caused by injury to the muscles, joints, bones, and nerves. Chiropractic care offers natural, drug-free treatments to stop acute back pain.
  • Whiplash and pain caused by auto accidents - The violent snapping of the neck, back, and shoulders can become inflamed, causing muscle spasms, and splintering on the side of the spine, and reduced range of motion.

We also provide nutritional advising and lifestyle coaching. Whether you need advice on the best nutritional plan to follow for your body to heal properly or how to achieve your personal fitness goals, we are here to help you with our years of medical experience and knowledge of the human body. 

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At Young Health USA, we provide quality treatment to patients in the Mayfield area for whatever pain or discomfort they may be experiencing. We also offer a wide variety of other treatments that can alleviate pain and speed healing. Even if you do not have a condition or injury that requires additional care, we provide spinal screenings, chiropractic massages, rehab exercises, and more. We are passionate about giving the kind of treatment that is right for you. Call us or contact us through our website to see how we can help! 


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