Muscle Rehab

Bringing your body into balance through chiropractic adjustments and exercise is about more than building strength. It is an approach that yields results at any age, providing that extra energy and vitality that makes a difference in daily life. With a combined approach using myofascial release techniques, electrical stimulation, trigger point work, and gentle stretching, we can help you move better and enhance the results of our chiropractic care.


Getting to the Root of the Problem: How Muscle Issues Arise

When you first visit Young Health USA, our wellness specialist and chiropractor in Mayfield will have several questions beyond "where does it hurt?" We want to know about your lifestyle, your work and leisure activities, any injuries in the past, and any health issues that may put your body off balance and affect your muscle performance.

Your muscles could be affected by your work routine, your sports activities, accident injuries, and even the way your body grew when you were a child. Issues in your spine and other skeletal malformations can cause unnecessary muscle strain over time. Muscle injuries can gradually pull your bones and joints out of alignment.

Treatments to Restore Balance

A significant benefit of whole-body chiropractic care is the ability to balance your body's structure through adjustments and muscle rehabilitation. This allows us to be more effective in restoring health and function than if muscle and bone issues were addressed separately. For example, we will make sure that your spine is in alignment rather than simply train your muscles to work against misalignment.

Our chiropractor uses carefully designed muscle treatment plans to achieve optimal results. In addition to chiropractic care, we use muscle rehabilitation techniques including massage and trigger point treatments. We will also teach you stretches and corrective exercises to perform at home. When your body works together as it should, you will feel better, your energy will be elevated, and you will be able to move better.

Chiropractor in Mayfield

Our team at Young Health USA is ready to help patients on the road to vibrant health and energy. As a comprehensive wellness specialist, our chiropractor offers muscle rehabilitation services that support body structure and healthy circulation. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call us at (270) 859-9037.


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